If you have a concrete foundation or subfloor, you might wonder about whether luxury vinyl tile or plank can be installed over this material. Today's post will give you more information on the top, so be sure to read along to learn more about it.

Your luxury vinyl plank and tile, your way

Installing a luxury vinyl plank or tile over concrete subflooring or concrete slab often comes with lots of questions, as it should. However, installing these products over concrete is easier than you might think.

The first and most important prerequisite is that your concrete surface is clean and level, for results you’ll appreciate for up to 20 years or more. This ensures proper adhesion if glues are used or the correct placement if another installation type is considered.

Underlayment is not required; however, many homeowners choose to install one anyway if it doesn't come attached to the flooring you choose for various reasons. It helps add a little more comfort and softness with a warmer touch, but it also reduces noises that are sometimes an issue after installation over concrete, so be sure to visit us for more information.

Our showroom provides your luxury vinyl plank and tile options

At Nemeth Family Interiors, we cater to your specific needs by ensuring we understand your requirements and preferences. We’ll help you browse our extensive inventory of materials, pointing out only those that will best serve your needs, so be sure to share your flooring vision with us while you’re here.

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