Sometimes your tile flooring looks dull, worn, and off-trend, especially when you see many beautiful colors, designs, and styles.

You might wonder if they can be painted, and the answer is a definite "yes."  Porcelain, ceramic and natural stone can be painted.

Don't try to do it on your own, though. There's a lot of prep work, and they need to use durable, high-quality epoxy, especially in high-traffic or moist areas where the paint can chip, scratch and blister.

Also, be sure to come in and seek the advice of the experts in our tile store. They will advise you accordingly.

A cost-effective upgrade

Of course, you can replace them. However, replacement is more expensive and labor-intensive, especially if you have to gut the room. Painting can be done in a day, as opposed to a week, for a complete renovation.

Giving the bathroom floor the wow factor

Bathrooms might be small, but they set the overall tone of a house. When painted correctly, this room can be impressive.  

Need some inspiration? Feel free to come into our showroom to see our inventory when considering tile in Covina, CA.

As for the kitchen

This is where guests congregate to visit with the cook. With today's modern layouts, it's in full view and needs to be stylish and appealing. The kitchen is also often a focal point in the house.

Covina area’s top flooring source

Nemeth Family Interiors has been helping people remodel their homes for almost 50 years. We have a large selection of porcelain and ceramic tile flooring from well-known companies such as Shaw.

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