When it comes to blinds and window treatments, it seems like a numbing number of choices out there. So let’s break it down into five treatments.

Drapery Panels

In classic design, there are drapery panels, or commonly known as drapes and curtains. Curtains are lighter in weight, they let more sunlight in, and they are unlined. Drapes are a little heavier, thicker, and lined. If you have drapes, the panels' width should be anywhere from 1.5 to 2 times the window's width. Drapery with pleats sewn at the top of the panel is more formal than regular drapes. These can be seen in French Pleats single or double or even triple. The triple pleat looks excellent with a silk blend or velvet.


With curtains, you have a variety of different styles by which to hang your curtains. Rod-pocket curtains hang from a rod inserted into a channel and make a formal room exquisite. Tab-top curtains have a strip that hangs from the rods and can keep the rod visible and work in traditional spaces. Grommet curtains have holes in the curtain that have the rod threaded through them. These types of curtains are very functional if you use the curtains frequently. Grommet looks a little more informal than the Tab-Top curtains.


Window shutters are a traditional standby for curtains. They allow for complete privacy but also can modulate the light coming into the room. These are also known as interior shutters or plantation shutters. Some things to consider are the types of shutters: Full, café, or double-hung. Full shutters cover the entire window. Café shutters have the shutters at the top, but the bottom is covered. Double-hung shutters have folding hung shutters at the top and bottom of the window.


A window shade is a piece of fabric that rolls up at the top. When they are closed, it allows complete privacy. When you pair a shade with a curtain, you have the best of both form and function. They can be mixed or matched in any casual setting or formal room and can be elegant and tasteful. Because the shades fit inside the window frame, it presents a very tailored look. Shades are suitable for bathrooms or kitchens, where curtains or sheers aren't practical.


Window blinds are made out of slats of wood or other material and give you the best options for privacy and control of the room's light. Wood or bamboo provide a very sophisticated look to a room. Aluminum, plastic, or metal gives a more industrial look.

Are you just beginning to explore?

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