When it comes time to select specific options for your hardwood flooring, you will have to consider many new ideas to have questions. In today's post, we will share information about hardwood board width and whether it matters in your flooring installation, so read along now for the facts.

The hardwood flooring meets your needs

Hardwood flooring widths do matter, especially if you’re planning for a specific look or ambiance in certain rooms. For instance, thinner widths often emanate elegance and a refined character that works well for many, with boards no more than 2¼ inches wide.

Traditional appearances with a classic hardwood feel usually feature boards that range from 2 ¼ inches to 3 inches wide. However, if you want to create a rustic touch or feature boards that look distressed or weathered, 5 inches or more is considered just right.

Boards that are wider still, ranging from 5 to 12 inches in width, help bring out the character of the wood and work well to highlight knots, holes, and more. If you choose hardwood planks that are wider than 10 inches, you'll find the work just as well in modern trends as they do to renovate historical appearances, so be sure and let us know what you like most.

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