You'll hear a lot about carpet texture if you consider carpet flooring for your home. And if you're unsure of what that means, you might need to learn more about it.

Carpet texture can play a significant role in the finished look of your remodel. And we have four tips for helping you understand them.

Tips to make carpet shopping easier

1. Learn about carpet texture
Simply put, the texture is how a carpet looks and feels. Thanks to the texture, you'll see the difference between shag and Berber carpet.

2. Look at and examine each texture
You can learn a lot about a carpet installation by inspecting each texture closely and personally. Consider how they feel, look, and function and what benefits each might offer.

3. Find the texture that matches your decor
Each texture offers specific benefits and characteristics. That means one will fit your needs better than most of the others.

4. Think about how to care for each look
While considering your home's best option, think about care requirements. Choose only those materials if you need a quick and easy maintenance schedule.

There are plenty more facts about carpet flooring. And when you're ready to find out more, we can help.

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