Undoubtedly, the character is an integral part of the hardwood flooring process. In addition, each piece of wood offers exceptional visuals and performance based on the species.

And if you have decor currently in place, you'll find a perfect match. Take time to browse to see what kind of look can create just what you need.

What creates the character in hardwood?

Character is a word used to describe the specific traits and features that make a hardwood what it is. We can achieve this in many different ways to give you the results you want and need.

You'll want to view all the available features if you've never considered the character. Wood floors offer many options.

Natural character comes, well, naturally

Natural character comes from species-specific factors that are unchangeable. This includes the grain pattern and natural colors, for instance.

This natural character sets species apart and allows you to create specific looks. The natural, rich redness of cherry is an excellent example of natural color.

Creating the character to fit your needs

There are several ways to create the character, and you can order these woods any time. Distressing signifies a marked-up surface, including chips, dents, burns, and holes.

Patina is the way hardwood flooring ages and its natural glow over the years. This is easy to manufacture, for your choosing.

Wire-brush finishes look bristled, showing the grain pattern underneath. It's a more subtle experience than hand scraping, offering a lived-in look.

Hand-scraping looks like the floors have had a knife drawn across them. It's a way of exposing the harder grain beneath softer wood and looks fantastic.

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