Many homeowners choose hardwood flooring because it offers one of the most extended lifespans in the industry. Wood floors can last 100 years with professional installation.

Wear happens, especially if you have pets or children, which can wear the surface of your floors sooner than later. So, here are some tips to extend the life of your hardwood to get all the lifespan you can from them.

Choose the most durable materials from the start

When you pick the hardest species, the right finish, and a great sealant, your surfaces will hold well under daily wear. For floors that perform better, your wood floors will see fewer scratches, scuffs, and scrapes, especially with a textured finish.

If wear starts to take a visible toll, refinishing is always a possibility. This service sands away years of wear, allowing us to install a new finish for a like-new floor again.

Use area rugs or runners

One of the best ways to protect these surfaces is to use runners or area rugs to keep wear off the surface of your floors. Ask about all the rug features, including any necessary backing for wood floors or pad materials.

Keep wood floors clean and maintained

During the installation, we’ll give you details about how to clean your hardwood flooring. Every manufacturer has specific recommendations.

It's essential to clean up spills when they happen. And if you need professional cleaning, call us.

We have the hardwood flooring and the information you need

If you’re ready to pick a floor covering and help it last as long as possible, visit us at Nemeth Family Interiors. We offer an excellent inventory of materials, services to match, and all the necessary information you need for each one.

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