Carpet flooring is a one-of-a-kind material because it's the only soft surface floor covering available on the market.

Only carpet offers the luxurious underfoot experience that many homeowners prefer, and it does so in various ways. Here are some facts about this plush benefit for your consideration.

Each fiber's difference

Some fibers are naturally softer and offer a plusher underfoot feel than others. For instance, the long, shaggy strands of Frieze and shag carpet are more delicate than others.

Each strand of carpeting comes in a specific thickness, but the thinner the strands, the softer the flooring. The density of these fine strands also helps create a smoother surface while providing more durability when walking on the surface.

The best fibers for softness

Nylon is favored as the softest material from this product line because it's durable enough to stand up in more spaces. But for low-traffic areas, polyester is also incredibly soft and comfortable.

When you visit the carpet store, you'll want to avoid looped styles, such as Berber, because they're not as soft. Pile carpeting is a much better choice because the loops have been sheared.

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