The core is one of the most critical construction parts when it comes to waterproof flooring. It helps ensure your floor's protection and your peace of mind.

You may not know much about these core components. But learning a bit more about them could be very beneficial as you shop for the perfect floor covering.

What is a waterproof core?

Layered construction is an integral part of building the perfect waterproof materials. You'll find a backing, core, image, and wear layers in all waterproof vinyl flooring.

Vinyl is waterproof, but these core components ensure complete protection. And you'll appreciate them once they're in a place in your home.

What are the core layers made of?

Two of the most popular cores are wood and stone plastic composite. You might also have heard them called WPC and SPC.

No actual wood materials exist in WPC. Wood resins and other byproducts work with different materials to form the core instead.

SPC uses limestone and polymers to create a rigid core. And while it's stronger and harder, it's also sometimes thinner than wood byproducts.

Waterproof flooring choices are excellent, but one may work better for you. And we'll make sure you find the one that's perfect for your home.

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