You'll hear about tongue-and-groove options if searching for the perfect hardwood flooring. It's an installation method that achieves a specific purpose and could be best for you.

Learn about these options to enjoy all the benefits of your flooring choice. Here are some facts that could make this topic easier to understand.

Tongue-and-groove hardwood

Tongue-and-groove flooring features boards with a tongue on one side and a groove on the other. The pieces are installed by fitting one into the other to secure the pieces.

This is a floating floor type, which means the materials "float" over the subfloor. Therefore, during the installation of these wood floors, only the perimeter of the flooring gets secured to the subfloor.

It's essential to choose a quality underlayment to provide support. It also ensures more comfort and less squeaking underfoot for a fantastic result.

Benefits of tongue-and-groove flooring

These floors feature a tight seam that holds together well, especially over time. And once the surface gets a proper sealant, it could become watertight.

This flooring offers more groove joint stability, so it's a great addition. In addition, it provides more surface area for wood glue to create a strong bond.

You'll also appreciate that tongue-and-groove hardwood flooring offers an airtight connection. This insulates and keeps the home's energy efficiency high.

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