You’re looking for new flooring. You want something that durable but also looks good in your home. Let Nemeth Family Interiors help you find that perfect floor. We think that you will find it in luxury vinyl flooring. We have a wide selection to choose from, and we think you'll love how it looks in your home.


The unique thing about luxury vinyl flooring is the 3D photography. It uses a three-dimensional photograph for the design layer of the flooring. So the image not only looks fantastic, but it also has depth to it. The accuracy of detail is stunning. It can replicate wood, stone, tile, or brick. It comes in either a plank format (LVP) or a tile format (LVT).


Luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile both come in an 8-millimeter thickness. It is constructed as several vinyl layers are pressed together. 8-millimeters is the usual thickness of the design layer, but they can produce a 20-millimeter layer if you want more thickness. It has a backing layer that goes on the subfloor. Then the top layer is extra thick to protect the design layer from scuffs, scratches, and nicks.


Luxury vinyl is also waterproof. This is due to the core layer being comprised of PVC, a standard construction material. PVC is waterproof. So any liquid spilled onto the flooring will not make it ripple, warp, or peel at all.

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