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The best carpet for your home

Choosing the best carpet for your home is a very personal decision. Making sure you get the best fit depends upon particular necessities that only you know. So make sure you do a bit of homework before you actually take on the task of beginning your search.

If you are new to the search for flooring, we’re here to help! We’ll give you some carpet basics to help get you started and you can fill in the blanks with your own personal specifications:

Know your carpet fiber

Carpet fiber is probably one of the most important aspects of the carpet. Each one offers different benefits, usually making one better for you than all the others.

  • Wool is a natural fiber that holds brilliant color, is very sought after and usually the most expensive type of carpet. However, with this luxury comes a bit of extra maintenance. You’ll want to have it treated against moths and know that it holds up to ten times its weight in water. In the event that it does get wet, it can often harbor mold and mildew. * at this time we do not sell wool carpet however

  • Nylon is very popular and has quite an array of benefits. Of the synthetic carpets, it’s the more expensive, but it’s also very durable and stands up to a high amount of foot traffic. It resists stains well, has a good yarn memory and is very resilient.

  • Polyester is the most affordable carpet fiber. It has excellent stain and fade resistance, and offers a high luster of color. Because it does not wear as well as nylon and is likely to compress over time, it is recommended to choose denser piles and yarns with a tighter twist. It is generally eco-friendly and non-allergenic. Polyester also sheds moisture and resists mildew.

  • Olefin is a light-weight, static resistant carpet fiber that has low moisture absorption and dries quickly. One drawback is its low texture retention like that of polyester, which is why it is most commonly used in looped berber styles and area rugs, normally for commercial use. Olefin carpets are solution dyed and colorfast, and resists fading from the sun. Additionally, Olefin is stain resistant, but attracts oil.

  • Triexta is a relatively new carpet fiber that is gaining popularity. It is manufactured only by DuPont and is sold primarily by Mohawk Industries. Although it is a subclass of polyester, Triexta exhibits the same durability as nylon, but costs less. Triexta is a polymer extracted from corn, and is very soft to the touch. It is permanently stain resistant, which is built into the fiber, and resists fading as well. Triexta has very low VOCs (off-gassing) because so little chemicals are put into the fiber, making it beneficial to those with environmental sensitivities.

Some carpet tips

In order to keep your carpet looking as new as possible for as long as possible, here are a few ideas.

Make use of area rugs and runners. This is a great way to trap dirt and debris and keep it from being embedded in your carpet. If there are any spills and you use a stain remover you must blot, not scrub. Also, use small rugs in areas that precede your carpeted area for the same reason.

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