Hardwood flooring is always a great idea when remodeling, thanks to increased home value and an extensive lifespan, to name a few benefits. But color and décor matching also means a lot when choosing the perfect floors.

We are often asked whether light or dark colors are best. Here are some facts about each one so you can make a great decision based on your needs.

Benefits of light-colored hardwood flooring

With light-colored hardwood, you'll find that dirt and debris are harder to see, especially with pets in the home. This benefit gives you more time to tidy wood floors without looking unkempt.

Light colors also make your rooms look bigger, even with less square footage in any space. It’s an illusion that works well when creating specific designs and matching décor.

Benefits of dark-colored wood floors

Dark-colored hardwood flooring absorbs sunlight instead of repelling it, so it's not as likely to fade, even in direct sunlight. As a result, these floors look better longer, especially in areas where natural light, skylights, and large windows take precedence.

If you enjoy emphasized natural graining, you’ll appreciate the stark beauty available with dark hardwood. Choose these hardwood flooring options to add a dramatic, elegant appearance to any space, especially high-end or formal areas.

Contact a flooring specialist if you have more questions about these color choices. Then, we have the answers to give you a confident and successful remodel.

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